Around 2001 I have started to move into the area of software agents and agent systems. Within this broad subject-area the following sub-areas have been explored in more detail:

Software Agents in Travel Support System
Software Agents in E-commerce
Software Agents in Grid
Software Agents in Personalized Information Provisioning
Software Agents in Support of Glider Pilots

Working with my students, we have recently (early 2023) compiled a small site that lists past and present agent platforms. Its current version, prepared by Zofia Wrona and Wojciech Buchwald, can be found here. I hope it will be supplemented with a new version of an arXiv text very soon. Current arXiv report by: Constantin-Valentin Pal, Florin Leon, Marcin Paprzycki, and Maria Ganzha, can be found here.

Remaining publications in the area of agent systems can be found below. All papers listed here are "Technical Report" quality and copyrighted originals should be used for all purposes over and above plain curiosity.

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MS Thesis in the area of agent systems:

Other agent-related texts in Polish:

+ Marcin Paprzycki, Agenci programowi jako metodologia tworzenia oprogramowania In: Z. Huzar, Z. Mazur (ed.), Problemy i Metody Inżynierii Oprogramowania, WNT, Warszawa, 2003