The following website provides a list of platforms used to develop agent systems. The list includes platforms that are currently active and under development, those that have a stable version and are no further updated, as well as those that have an unclear status or have been abandoned. The platforms are categorized according to their intended use and summarized in the associated tables. Each table provides information regarding the latest version of the platform, its programming language, license type, a brief description, and assosiated to it websites or papers. Additionally, next to each platform one can find its current status.

The website, is supplemented by an article "Overview of Software Agent Platforms Available in 2023" by: Zofia Wrona, Wojciech Buchwald, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Florin Leon, Noman Noor and Constantin-Valentin Pal, published in the Information special issue on Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems [link].

The initial version of the site was prepared by Zofia Wrona and Wojciech Buchwald, Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology. As of now, it is maintained by Zofia Wrona. All comments and suggestions regarding further improvements of the site, including corrections or missing information, are highly appreciated and should be sent to zofia.wrona.stud [at]

The current version was compiled on 24.09.2023.


General purpose platforms

  1. General purpose platforms
  2. General simulations and modeling platforms

Special purpose platforms

  1. Cognitive, Social and Affective Agent Platforms
  2. Platforms for Artificial Intelligence Research
  3. Platforms for Modeling and Simulating Environments and Ecosystems
  4. Platforms for Transport-Related Simulations

Inactive platforms