Research Interests:

+ Computing

Software Agents Agent Systems and Applications
Software Agents in Travel Support System
Software Agents in E-commerce
Software Agents in Grid
Software Agents in Personalized Information Provisioning
Software Agents in Support of Glider Pilots

High Performance and Parallel Algorithms for Linear Algebra Problems
Large Dense Linear Systems
Almost Block Diagonal Linear Systems
Bordered Linear Systems
Other Structured Linear Systems
Spectral Methods
Linear Recurrence Systems
Eigenvalues of Complex Symmetric Matrices
Fast Solvers for PDE's

Other Areas
Internet of Things
Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Analytics
Semantic Technologies
Other Parallel and Distributed Computing
Grid Computing
Web Services
Application of Neural Networks to Character Recognition
Systems of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations
Remaining/Other Projects

Sometimes I step on peoples toes

Book Reviews

+ Education

+ Philosophy

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