History and research activity of the Institute

Research topics

The institute carries out fundamental and applied research as well as PhD level education in the following domains:

  • systems analysis
  • intelligent data analysis and knowledge discovery
  • computational intelligence, theory and applications
  • optimization methods
  • systems modelling
  • computer-based decision support systems
  • operational research
  • stochastic methods in decision making
  • statistical quality control and reliability theory
  • mathematical methods in risk analysis and finances 
  • systems analysis applications in environmental protection, health care, urban infrastructure, regional development issues, agricultural systems, etc.
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The Institute employs in total over 100 employees, including over 60 researchers. Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences has a right to confer the scientific degrees of a Doctor (PhD) and a Doctor of Science (DSc) in the Engineering and Technology domain, in the following disciplines:

  • automation, electronic and electrical engineering
  • information and communication technology

History of the Institute

Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences (SRI PAS) was established by the Decree No 9/76 of the Polish Academy of Sciences Board and started its activities on December 1, 1976. The Institute evolved from the following predecessor institutions:

  • Department of Automatic Control PAS (Zakład Automatyki PAN), 1954 – 1962
  • Institute of Automatic Control PAS (Instytut Automatyki PAN), 1962 – 1971
  • Institute of Applied Cybernetics PAS (Instytut Cybernetyki Stosowanej PAN), 1971 – 1973
  • Institute of Organization and Management PAS & MSHET (Instytut Organizacji i Kierowania PAN i MNSzWiT), 1973 – 1976
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