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Prof. dr hab. inż.
Janusz Kacprzyk

Kierownik Pracowni Systemów

Pokój: 220
Telefon: +(48) 22 3810275
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E-mail: kacprzyk at ibspan dot waw dot pl

O sobie

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Personal data

Birth date: July 12, 1947

Born, raised and lived in Warsaw, Poland


  • Polish (mother tongue)
  • (fluent): English, Russian, German
  • (good): Italian, French, Spanish


Membership in international organizations

  • Fellow of IEEE, IFSA
  • Member-correspondent, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Foreign Member, Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences (Real Academia de Ciencias Economicas y Financieras)
  • President, International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
  • President, Polish Society for Operational and Systems Research (PTBOiS)


Education and degrees earned

  • 1965 - 1970; Studies at the Department of Electronics, Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Major field: computer science and automatic control.
  • M.S. in computer science and automatic control received in October, 1970 from the Warsaw University of Technology.
  • Ph.D. with distinction in systems analysis received in October, 1977 from the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Dissertation title: Application of fuzzy sets theory for the optimization of organizational structures.
  • D.Sc. (habilitation) in computer science in 1990 from the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Full Professor, since 1997, awarded by President of the Republic of Poland.
  • Academician (Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences), since 2002.


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