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sobota, 27 Luty 2021

Prof. dr hab. inż.
Janusz Kacprzyk

Kierownik Pracowni Systemów

Pokój: 220
Telefon: +(48) 22 3810275
Fax: +(48) 22 3810103
E-mail: kacprzyk at ibspan dot waw dot pl


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  • Pioneer Award, IEEE CIS (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Computational Intelligence Society) for pioneering works on multistage fuzzy control, in particular fuzzy dynamic programming, 2005.
  • 6-th Kaufmann Award and Gold Medal of pioneering works on the use of fuzzy logic in economics and management, 2006.
  • Pioneer Award for Outstanding Contributions to Granular Computing and Computing with Words by the Silicon Valley, California, IEEE Cmputational Intelligence Society Chapter, 2007.
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