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Package for Computer-aided diagnostic analysis and design of management systems


Authors: Edward Michalewski, Alex Barski

It is a package of CASE-tool class for the computer-aided DIAgnostic ANAlysis (DIANA) and design of management systems. It enables the user to perform the comprehensive diagnostic of management system and, based on the obtained resu lts, to introduce improvements and to design a new organizational structure. The effectiveness of the introduced changes can be tested using a simulation model. Moreover, this package allows to design a computer subsystem (Executive Information System - < B>EIS) generated in C language.

The new version, DIANA-9 package, has been worked out at the Systems Research Institute as the result of multi years studies, use being made of the newest achievements of other research centers. Both the previous version of this package, implem entated on large computers, and the presented microcomputer version have been successfully tested on several real-life enterprises.

The DIANA-9 package makes use of the original system MIDAS, developed at the Systems Research Institute, for the management of so called post-relation date base.

Hardware requirements: IBM PC type computer with HD, min. 30 MB. The software is user friendly, hence computer experience is not necessary for operating it.

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