The Interfaces Institute is a private body active in the domain of specialized research and scientific service.
The Institute exists since 1992.
It draws upon the human resources of the highly specialized R&D and support staff.

On the research side The Institute offers advanced capacities of analysis, design and implementation for projects involving such areas as economics, sociology, computer science, computer network applications, multimedia, data analysis, database systems, decision support systems, regional science or environmental protection.
In many of these areas the specialists associated with The Institute offer the highest level of expertise.
The significant experience in the interdisciplinary work assures the capability of effective achievement of tangible results in cooperation with representatives of all kinds of institutions.

In terms of service The Institute is capable of securing high quality report writing, editing, translation, publication and printing, as well as organization and running of workshops, seminars, negotiations, lectures and conferences of all sizes.
Due to its competence in a variety of areas The Institute is also capable of ensuring adequate substantial input into such events in the form of presentations, background materials, data handouts etc.

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