WSColab: Structured Collaborative Tagging for Web Service Matchmaking

A key driver for service oriented architecture implementations is a hope to save development time and costs through a higher degree of reuse of readily deployed Web services. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to make services discoverable.

Current approaches use authoritatively defined taxonomies to categorize services which simply does not work for the flood of services being published on the Web in uncoordinated manner. Collaborative tagging claims to address this problem but it suffers from the lack of structure to describe Web service interfaces.

Web Service Classification Schema

We introduce structured collaborative tagging classification schema which can provide Web service descriptions for both categorization and interface matchmaking approaches.

I have developed the portal where the community could annotate Web services using the proposed classification schema. from the Jena Geoghrapy Dataset. Observe for instance tags describing the behaviour of one of services providing a distance for two geographical coordinates. Different things are important (intention gap) for the system and different participants of our experiment and differently can be expressed (vocabulary gap).

The picture belows shows how the semantics of this service has emerged from these different annotation.

Each tag cloud corresponds to one of the Web service facets: behaviour, input, and output. The bigger the tag the more actors (i.e. the system and users) have used it.

Web Service Matchmaker

WSColab matchmaker has won the 1st place in the cross-evaluation track of the 3rd International Semantic Service Selection Contest for the best effectiveness and the shortest query response time.


  1. WSColab: Structured Collaborative Tagging for Web Service Matchmaking, 6th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies 2010, Valencia, Spain (slides)
  2. Short presentation [PDF] for under-graduate students of University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia.
  3. How to Describe Web Service so People Can Find It?, D-Day 2010 poster

Test it online!

  1. Tagging
  2. Querying


The software and data are provided under LGLP license.
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