Second Warsaw International Seminar
on Soft Computing

Warsaw, November 3, 2003
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List of Presentations

Baczynski Michal
On The Distributivity Laws for Fuzzy Implications

Bargiela Andrzej
Fuzzy Hyperbox Classification

Butkiewicz Bohdan
Reasoning Methods Under Presence of Noise

Ciapala Tomasz
Functions With Sup Property or Inf Property

Drewniak Jozef
Invariant Binary Aggregations

Drygas Pawel
Isotonic Binary Operations with Zero Element in a Bounded Lattice

Dudziak Urszula
Aggregations Preserving Alpha-Properties of Fuzy Relations

Fryc Barbara, Suraj Zbigniew
On Modelling of Approximate Reasoning by Using Fuzzy Petri Nets.

Ginda Grzegorz
Application of Soft Computing Methodology for Decision Making in Civil Engineering

Gladysz Barbara
The Interval Two Machine Open Shop Problem - To Fit or Not to Fit

Homenda Wladyslaw
Weak Axiomatization of Balanced Operators

Kasperski Adam
Minimizing Maximal Regret in Sequencing Problems

Klopotek Mieczyslaw
Srtategies for an Intelligent Searh Tool

Kobylanski Przemyslaw
Improving Fuzzy Solutions with Constraint Programming

Kosinski Witold , Kolesnik Roman , Prokopowicz Piotr
On algebra of ordered fuzzy numbers

Kuchta Dorota
Fuzzy Crashing in Project Management

Kulej Michal, Kobylanski Przemyslaw
Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems with Time Windows and Fuzzy Travel Times

Lis Bartosz, Szczepaniak Piotr S., Tomczyk Arkadiusz
Multi-Layer Kohonen Network and Texture Recognition

Pancerz Krzysztof, Suraj Zbigniew
An Aplication of Rough Set Methods to Concurrent Systems Degign

W. Pedrycz
Searching for Information Granules: a Case Study in Knowledge-Based Clustering

Sydow Marcin
Global Measurements of the WWW Graph

Szczepaniak Piotr S., Joanna Ochelska
Textual Fuzzy Similarity Measure and Sequence Kernels

Szostek Grazyna, Delimata Pawel, Suraj Zbigniew
Classification of Meteorological Volumetric Radar Data Using Hybrid Methods.

Tang Jian-Gang
The foundation of mathematical logic for L-fuzzy group theory

Tchorzewski Jerzy, Klopotek Mieczyslaw, Pieszalski Sebastian
Distributed Problem Solving of Making Discoveries in The Evolving Neural Net

Anna Application of Derivatives of A Fuzzy-Valued Function For Modelling of Dynamics of Batch Processes

Zielinski Pawel
A Linear Time Algorithm to Compute Floats in a Series Parallel Networks With Interval Durations