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The Institute’s most important achievements
The most important achievements of the Institute in the recent years are associated with
  • The study of Professor Olgierd Hryniewicz on statistical analysis of imprecise statistical data,
  • Professor Janusz Kacprzyk’s research on decision making under imprecise information, and his joint research with Associate Professor Sławomir Zadrożny on information retrieval using flexible fuzzy queries,
  • Professor Krzysztof Kiwiel’s investigations into methods and probabilistic analysis of optimisation algorithms,
  • Professor Kazimierz Malanowski’s study of optimality conditions for optimal control problems subject to constraints
  • Research done by Professor Zbigniew Nahorski on rules of compliance to the limits of pollutant emissions for uncertain emission estimates and emission permits trading in such situations, and
  • The study of the Associate Professor Przemysław Grzegorzewski on decision making under stochastic uncertainty and fuzziness.
Important achievements were also associated with the successfully finalised D.Sc. degree dissertations of Associate Professor Ewa Bednarczuk (dealing with stability of parametric vector optimisation problems), Associate Professor Piotr Holnicki-Szulc (modelling of atmospheric pollution transport and applications in air quality control), Associate Professor Wiesław Krajewski (methods of optimal reduction of complex dynamic models) and Associate Professor Andrzej Myśliński (necessary optimality conditions for shape optimisation problems for nonlinear distributed parameter systems).
In the domain of implementation of the research results, the work of the team headed by Associate Professor Jan Studziński, dealing with development of computer methods for planning, modelling and control of water networks and wastewater treatment plants should be distinguished.

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