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From INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (distance about 12 km)

BUS 188 - 20-30 minutes to the stop Metro Politechnika in Trasa Łazienkowska St., about 400 m from the Institute
TAXI - take a taxi from the stand of the officially approved taxi companies in front of the exit.
With high probability when you just exit the hall at the airport where you picked up your luggage, some "taxi drivers" will ask you whether you want a taxi. An advice is not to take such "taxis" since they could charge you much more than the official fare.

From central RAILWAY STATION (distance about 1.5 km)

BUS 131, 525 or 505 - 10 minutes to Plac Konstytucji, about 50 m from the Institute
TRAM 19 - (direction "Mokotów")
Get of the tram at its 4th stop (Metro Politechnika), about 150 m from the Institute
The bus-tram tickets can be bought at the newspaper stands or some other stands signed Sprzedaż biletów ZTM.

    The prices of the city transport (bus-tram-underground):

single fare 2,40 PLN
single fare (workdays, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.) 2,00 PLN
single fare (night, bus 601-612) 4,80 PLN
60 minutes* 3,60 PLN
90 minutes* 4,50 PLN
120 minutes* 6,00 PLN
24 hours* 7,20 PLN
3 days* 12,00 PLN
7 days* 24,00 PLN
1 piece of luggage** 2,40 PLN

* - with unlimited number of changes of means of transport, valid also in night buses
** - sum of 3 dimensions over 120 cm, only single tickets.
Each ticket should be validated in a bus (tram, underground station) at the beginning of the first trip. If you have a luggage, you have to punch additional 2.40 zł ticket for each piece of luggage.


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