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3rd Workshop

P. Bartoszczuk
"Minimizing the Cost of Abatement under Imperfectly Observed Emissions"
Abstract                Presentation

K. Black
"Scaling Up From the Stand to Regional Level: An Analysis Based on the Major Forest Species in Ireland"
Abstract                Presentation

A. Bun, K. Hamal, M. Jonas
"Verification of Compliance with GHG Emission Targets: Annex I Countries"
Abstract                Presentation

R. Bun, K. Hamal, M. Gusti, A. Bun
"Spatial GHG Inventory on Regional Level: Accounting for Uncertainty"
Abstract                Presentation

P. Ciais - Keynote speaker
"Component Fluxes of the Carbon Balance of Europe and their Uncertainties"
Abstract                Presentation

A.C. Dias, M. Louro, L. Arroja, I. Capela
"Uncertainties in the Estimates of Carbon in Harvested Wood Products for Portugal"
Abstract                Presentation

T. Ermolieva, M. Jonas, Y. Ermoliev, M. Makowski
"The Difference between Deterministic and Probabilistic Detection of Emission Changes: Toward the Use of the Probabilistic Verification Time Concept"
Abstract                Presentation

Ch. Field - Keynote speaker
"Natural versus Anthropogenic Control of Ecosystem Carbon Stocks"
Abstract                Presentation

M. Gusti, M. Jonas
"IIASA's Terrestrial Full Carbon Account for Russia: Revised Uncertainty Estimates and its Role in a Bottom-up/Top-down Accounting Exercise"
Abstract                Presentation

H. Hahn, S. Pickl
"Interactive Resource Planning Processes and International Experiments within Uncertain Emission Trading Markets"
Abstract                Presentation

J. Horabik, Z. Nahorski
"Statistical Spatial Modeling of Gridded Air Pollution Data"
Abstract                Presentation

M. Jonas, M. Gusti, W. Jęda, Z. Nahorski, S. Nilsson
"Comparison of Preparatory Signal Detection Techniques for Consideration in the (Post-) Kyoto Policy Process"
Abstract                Presentation

C. Keizer, A. Ramírez, J.P. Van der Sluijs
"Uncertainty Ranges and Correlations Assumed in Tier 2 Studies of Several European Countries"
Abstract                Presentation

A. Leip
"The Challenge of Estimating the Uncertainty for GHG Emission Estimates at a Continental Scale on the Example of Agriculture"
Abstract                Presentation

Z. Nahorski, J. Horabik
"Compliance and Emission Trading Rules for Uncertain Estimates of Inventory Uncertainty "
Abstract                Presentation

M. van Oijen, A. Thomson
"Towards Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Forestry Models Used in the U.K. Greenhouse Gas Inventory for LULUCF"
Abstract                Presentation

J.S. Pandey, S.R. Wate, S. Devotta
"Development of Emission Factors for GHGs and Associated Uncertainties"
Abstract                Presentation

A. Ramírez, C. de Keizer, J.P. Van der Sluijs, J. Olivier, L. Brandes
"Monte Carlo Analysis of Uncertainties in the Netherlands' Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory for 1990-2004"
Abstract                Presentation

R.G. Richels, T.F. Rutherford, G.J. Blanford, L.E. Clarke
"Managing the Transition to Climate Stabilization"
Abstract                Presentation

K. Ritter, L. Warren, J.F. Larive, M. Lev-On, R. Sykes
"Addressing Uncertainty and Accuracy in Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimation and Inventories by the Global Oil & Gas Industry"
Abstract                Presentation

A. Shvidenko, S. Nilsson
"Can the Level of Uncertainties of a regional Terrestrial Biota Full Carbon Account Be Made Acceptable for Policy Makers?"
Abstract                Presentation

J. Szemesová, M. Gera
"Uncertainty Analysis for Estimation of Landfill Emissions and Data Sensitivity for Input Variation"
Abstract                Presentation

J. Theloke, H. Pfeiffer, T. Pregger, Y. Scholz, R. Köble, U. Kummer, D. Nicklass, B.Thiruchittampalam, R. Friedrich
"Development of a Methodology for Temporal and Spatial Resolution of Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories for Validation"
Abstract                Presentation

W.W. Verstraeten, F. Veroustraete, W. Wagner, T. Van Roey, W. Heyns, S. Verbeiren, C.J. van der Sande, J. Feyen
"Impact Assessment of Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture on Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes across Europe"
Abstract                Presentation

W. Winiwarter, B. Muik
"Statistical Dependences in Input Data of National GHG Emission Inventories: Effects on the Overall GHG Uncertainty and Related Policy Issues"
Abstract                Presentation