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  sending in of the paper text until 05.06.2006

  sending of the reviews and assessment to the authors until 19.06.2006

  first deadline for fee payment until 15.07.2006

  sending in of the final version of the paper until 4th August 2006

  Conference, handing of the publication 28th–30th September 2006




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Please send as soon as possible full texts of your proposed papers;
the initial texts are not subject to any limitations concerning length or format





You are cordially invited to participate in the consecutive BOS Conference:

Systems and Op-erational Research – BOS 2006.

BOS 2006 Conference is organised by three institutions: Polish Operational and Systems Re-search Society, Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, and the University of Szczecin – Faculty of Economics and Management. The Conference shall take place at the University of Szczecin on 28th – 30th September 2006 (Thursday through Saturday).

BOS Conferences constitute one of the most important forums for the Polish community of the scholars and practitioners of the broadly conceived systems and operational research. This time, we invite also cordially the participants from abroad. The meetings, organised every two years host 150-200 participants, who present some 100 papers, which, after a peer review procedure, are published. The subject matters of the Conferences are quite broad, ranging from theoretical and methodological issues up to applications in industry, economy, educa-tion, military, management and administration. A part of the Conferences traditionally takes on the form of guest-organised seminars, frequently reaching the highest scientific levels.

Active contribution of the research community of the city of Szczecin, represented by the University and the Faculty of Economics and Management, but also other university-level schools of Szczecin, shall constitute an essential enrichment of the traditions of BOS Confer-ences. At the same time, it is an opportunity for making a subsequent step towards an interna-tional character of the Conference, also owing to the contacts of the scientific community of Szczecin and the location of the agglomeration.

We invite you to a possibly early registration with the attached registration form. In particu-lar – you are invited to organise special sessions. We can announce already now organisation of a session devoted to multicriteria methods (Professor Ignacy Kaliszewski), and of the ses-sion of the EURO Working Group MODEST (MODelling of Economies and Societies in Transition).

You can contact us through the e-mail address:



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