Honorowy patronat nad konferencją objął:

Marszałek Senatu Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej

Dates and deadlines


MODEST 2004 workshop: September 23-25, 2004

(Thursday through Saturday)
Final papers must be sent in before: July 31st, 2004
The papers will go through a refereeing procedure
Preliminary papers must be sent in before March 10th, 2004


Editorial requirements


        The precise style will be sent after the refereeing procedure. As of now, the requirements are as follows:
        Word document not longer than 35,000 characters; format A4; possibly without any automated mechanisms (like referencing etc.); illustrations and tables editable in Word; can be sent in by e-mail; if sent in paper - then in triplicate


Envisaged fee etc.


        It is envisaged that the fee, including book preparation, social event, coffee breaks, etc., etc., should be at about 160-200 €; there will be a limited possibility of obtaining financial support from the organisers, on which we will inform you later on


Affiliation, location and accommodation


        As in 2002 the MODEST 2004 workshop will be affiliated with the regular national conference of the Polish community of operations and systems research, "BOS 2004"; so, do not be surprised to find on some of our documents the signs of this broader conference.
        The conference and the MODEST workshop will take place in the premises of the Warsaw University of Information Technology and Management, 10 minutes of ride from the downtown (no jams assumed). Further address information will be made available in due time.
        Although we do generally not provide the hotel reservation service, there will also be (in connection with the financial support, but not necessarily only) a limited possibility of booking through us a room in a hostel-type modest accommodation relatively closely to the location of the meeting.