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sent out irregularly, mainly on the basis of what's new

Edited etc. by Jan Owsiński


Issue no.9, Winter/Spring 2003




1.      From the editor

2.      MODEST 2002 meeting in Warsaw

3.      Some other activities

4.      Invitation to MODEST 2004


Please, note the inviation to MODEST 2004!!!

September 23-25, 2004, Warsaw

1. From the editor

Dear Friends, it is after a certain delay that we are informing you again of the activities of our working group. This is by no means, as you will see further on, because there has been nothing to write you about. To the contrary, we have been quite busy over the last months and are also going to be busy in the nearest foreseeablefuture. It is true that not all of our endeavours succeeded nor all ideas turned into reality. Yet, we think that, on the one hand, the output we produced is not altogether negligible, and on the other hand - it is definitely worth maintaining a definite level of effort to go on with the working group as a partly formal and partly informal network of willing individuals. At the same time, we do not abandon the hope that a synergy will arise from our activity and the network, leading to a more integrated and voluminous project, hopefully of European or even broader dimensions.

2. MODEST 2002 meeting in Warsaw

The consecutive meeting of MODEST took place on September 27-28, 2002, in Warsaw, within the framework of the regular national conference of the Polish Society of Operational and System Research Society ("BOS 2002"). Two full English-language sessions were organised at this conference by MODEST, constituting the proper MODEST 2002 meeting. Prior to this meeting, a book was published, based on the papers proposed for the MODEST workshop The bibliographical data of the book are as follows:


Jan W. Owsiński, editor, MODEST 2002: Transition & Transformation: Problems and Models. The Interfaces Institute for MODEST, Warsaw 2002, 210 pages, ISBN 83-85847-77-4.

The book can be ordered from the Publications Department of the Systems Research Institute. Address Ms. Joanna Runowska, Systems Research Institute, Newelska 6, 01-447 Warszawa, Poland; ( ), to obtain the book at the MODEST (!) price of 20 € + postage.


The following papers are contained in the volume:


1. The society, education, politics, market, and management

Helena Lindskog and Staffan Brege (Sweden) Time-rich and time-poor consumer behavior. The importance of time in market segmentation

Paul Iles, Maurice Yolles (United Kingdom) Anglo-Czech alliance in management education - a viable systems approach

Mikhail Mikhalevich and Ludmilla Koshlai (Ukraine) Modelling of multibranch competition in the labour market for countries in transition

Honorata Sosnowska (Poland) A generalization of the Barbera-Jackson's model of self-stable majority rules

2. Action at a distance: trade, FDI, and competitiveness

Olivier Hueber, Christian Longhi (France) Foreign direct investments and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe

Gabriela C. Florescu (Romania) Assessments of the foreign bank entry into the Romanian transient economy

Witold Jakóbik (Poland) Dynamics of Poland's economic competitiveness (1990-2000)

Jan W. Owsiński, Sławomir Zadrożny (Poland) Trade, Baltic Europe, and what is changing

3. Banking, finance, and money

Jan Gadomski (Poland) Dynamic modelling of the banking system

Shouyang Wang, Jing Zhang (PR China) The reform of foreign exchange system and the trend of RMB: testing PPP in China

Urmas Sepp (Estonia) The currency board arrangement and alternative policy rules in Estonia

Shouyang Wang, Jing Zhang (PR China) The effect of B-share opening on the black market for US dollar in Shanghai, China

The book does not fully reflect the contents of the workshop, since several of the papers contained in the volume could not be presented at the meeting (Urmas Sepp had to our deep grief passed away just prior to the workshop, and some other authors could not participate for organisational or technical reasons), and, on the other hand, several interesting papers, not published in the book, were presented (e.g. the introductory lecture by Ove Brandes from Sweden on modern corporate strategies and their association with quantitative methods of analysis, or by the Polish-Austrian team headed by Zbigniew Nahorski on the greenhouse gases trading issues).

The support extended by EURO to the meeting is gratefully acknowledged.

3. Some other activities

It is perhaps a good place to mention that the MODEST members were actively involved in the subsequent conferences of the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES), in Paris (March 2002), and then in Vienna (March 2003). We managed to set up two sessions in Paris, devoted to gravity models of international trade and their relation to globalisation, and then one session in Vienna, whose focus moved more explicitly towards globalisation. Altogether 13 papers were presented at these sessions, forming quite a nice stream of thought. Likewise, there were very interesting discussions on both the substrate of the analysis (trade, globalisation,...) and the methods used. It is not inconceivable that you will also receive an inviation to the subsequent IAES conference in Lisbon (March 2004), at which we might want to extend yet the field of interest touched upon in the previous conferences during our sessions.

4. Invitation to MODEST 2004

The current issue of the Newsletter is an opportunity to extend to you all acordial invitation to participate in and contribute to the subsequent MODEST meeting. MODEST 2004 will take place in Warsaw on September 23-25th 2004 (Thursday-Saturday), again in association with a much bigger national conference of the Polish operations and systems research community ("BOS 2004"). It is intended that, like in the previous case, a book related to the meeting be published yet before it.

As in all the cases of the MODEST meetings before, we envisage having a very reasonable registration fee, including the book and all the usual conference items. We expect, as well, to be able to cover a part of expenses of some of the participants, though this possibility is still subject to negotiations and will certainly be quite limited.

Thus, please feel invited to contribute and participate. The pre-registration forms are being sent out separately. You can, though, as always, address us directly, or by the intermediary of Ms. Krystyna Warzywoda, c/o Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Newelska 6, 01-447 Warszawa, Poland ( ), who will be running the secretariat of BOS 2004, and therefore also of MODEST 2004.