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sobota, 16 lutego 2019
imieniny: Danuta, Daniel
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data dodania: 2018-03-18 00:31:40

On Thursday, April 19th, 2018, at 12:00 a.m., in room 200, Dr Tatiana Shmeleva from Odessa National A. S. Popov Academy of Telecommunications shall deliver the talk on “Modeling Networks with Infinite Petri Nets”

A composition and analysis technique is developed for investigation of infinite Petri nets with regular structure, introduced for modeling networks, clusters and computing grids, that also concerns cellular automata and biological systems. A case study of a square grid structure composition and analysis is presented. Parametric specification of Petri nets, parametric representation of infinite systems for the calculation of place/transition invariants, and solving them in parametric form allowed the invariance proof for infinite Petri net models. Some additional analysis techniques based on graphs of transmissions and blockings are presented. Further generalization for multidimensional structures, such as hypercube and hypertorus, have been implemented. Generators of Petri net models have been developed and put on GitHub for public use. Complex deadlocks are disclosed and a possibility of network blocking via ill-intentioned traffic revealed. Quality of service in modern networks and numerical parameters of blocking networks with disguised ill-intentioned traffic are investigated using reenterable models in the form of colored Petri nets.  
Basic publications
D. A. Zaitsev, I. D. Zaitsev and T. R. Shmeleva. Infinite Petri Nets: Part 2, Modeling Triangular, Hexagonal, Hypercube and Hypertorus Structures, Complex Systems, 26(4), 2017.
D. A. Zaitsev, I. D. Zaitsev and T. R. Shmeleva. Infinite Petri Nets: Part 1, Modeling Square Grid Structures, Complex Systems, 26(2), 2017, 157-195.
D. A. Zaitsev , T. R. Shmeleva, W. Retschitzegger, B. Pröll Security of grid structures under disguised traffic attacks, Cluster Computing, 19(3) 2016,
Tatiana R. Shmeleva received the Eng. degree in applied mathematics from Moscow Railroad Engineer Institute, Moscow, Russia, in 1990; the Ph.D. degree in telecommunications from Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Odessa, Ukraine, in 2008. T. R. Shmeleva is author of more than 30 papers and chapters published in journals, books, and conference proceedings. Her research interest is Petri net theory and its application in networking, especially in verifications of protocols, and performance evaluation. She developed the analysis of infinite Petri nets with regular structure and parametric colored Petri net models of networks. Since 2005, she has been with the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, where she is currently an Associate Professor of Switched systems department. She participated in the following research projects: "Verification of Complex Networking Protocols", 2007-2008, grant NATO ICS.NUKR.CLG 982698; "Analysis of computational grids efficiency via Colored Petri Nets" - Austria-Ukraine cooperation grant, 2013-2016. Tatiana is a member of SIAM.
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