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The Workshop Secretariat
The Secretariat will be of your assistance throughout the meeting. It will be organized in the hotel apartment floor VI, just opposite the elevator in the new part of the hotel.

Early registration
According to the agenda, the registration will start on Friday, September 24 at 9 a.m. However, to guarantee a smooth registration procedure, you may also come to the preregistration on Thursday, September 23; 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. in the Workshop Sectretariat.

The workshop site at a glance:
Please note, that the Friday sessions will be held in the conference room "Stokrotka" and the Saturday sessions in the room "Jagoda". The banquet will take place in the joint hall of "Stokrotka"/"Malwa"/"Konwalia" rooms.

Guidelines for SPEAKERS
- Facilites in lecture rooms support powerpoint presentations and transparencies, but not video cassettes, slides.
- You may either send us your presentation beforehand at our mail address, or bring it with you. Accepted carriers include CD, floppy disc, USB memory sticks.
- You will have 20 minutes speaking time and 10 minutes for discussions. The session chairman will ensure that the time schedule is kept.

Access to the Internet
- In the Workshop Secretariat: four computers will be available for the participants
- For the guests of the Gromada Hotel: At the hotel apartments you can plug in your own laptop to the internet access for free. However, you need to have your own LAN cable.



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